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IoT a Boon In Everyone’s Life
Internet of Things theme IoT

In today’s real world nothing will make you a fully knowledge person. The competition level in the market makes you feel taste bitter, To get survived from these riddles we came across in your way but we are humans can make anything possible. To choose a consistent professional career IoT is a perfect platform which connects all the platforms from everywhere. Now you have to know what is IoT. Before that why and why IoT, why the whole world is after IoT. The reason is quite simple. A word will best be suited to describe the reason “WHY IOT” is ****AUTOMATION***. yeah, it’s automation. Automation is going to play a key role in the living standards in no time. The main theme behind IoT is to reduce the human interaction with machines,where humans face a risk some experiences and in worst cases, a life threat will happen.


Not only in that context IoT plays its ROLE in many platforms like

  • Data Management.
  • Data Analytics.
  • Data Operations.
  • Conservation of energy
  • Machine to machine communication ,in some context, it may be so called AI(artificial intelligence also uses Internet of Things)
IoT careers
Jobs in IoT

what not I already told that in no time world is going to be exploited by Internet of Things

 The consequences in IoT are

  • Higher living standards.
  • Predictions.
  • A better way of communication.
  • Highly emerged technical environments.

smart technology implementations and its usages in the day to day life.well for everything in the world there is an antonym for Internet of Things challenges.

IoT challenges

  • security at different levels is a risky matter
  • complex programming
  • needs more skills
  • linked with stochastic processes
  • involves more technologies and lot more.

The world is after IoT. why don’t we do let us prepare ourselves to be a part of the good competition in the technical market.

Well to get attached to these technologies you have to know some basic key terms that are been used frequently to describe different processes in the working of the Internet of Things.

In that sense, we have to know first of all about what is an access point.


When goggling it, will give a lot of information about what is an access point but in short, we can describe it as “A GATEWAY BETWEEN WIRED AND WIRELESS NETWORKS”

In precise, the access point acts an interface between wired and wireless communication. It’s not like the hotspot. We will discuss on hotspot soon. Here this access point may be used a WLAN or it can share the data using wired (few) or on wireless (WLAN).Thus reducing the installation of heavy cables and other complex stuffs. The advantage of the access point is to create an WWAN (wireless wide area network )and WMAN(wireless metropolitan area network) which will advent in many ways creating individual open hot spot area.

IoT access point
Access Point Network



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