Beginner level for any embedded engineer is most advantageous throughout his career, as this lays the strong foundation for your career to get success as an embedded engineer. To dig into this field you as a beginner need to learn this course .This course is the gateway to the further advanced level technologies which will be a nightmare for those who don't have this course at their graduate level. Not only for those who are at the graduate level it suits all the people who have a great interest in electronics.

This course starts with the ARDUINO and ends with the different communication protocols. In meanwhile everything and every moment, during the course, you feel great to experience in doing so. here is the course structure for your convenience.

.....................Don't feel you can't do anything every successful person had started with a failure.


To apply for this program, you should have cleared 12th class

  1. Arduino Uno
    a. Board explanation
    b. Interfacing the board to computer
    c. How to write the code for Arduino
    d. Interfacing led, switch.
    e. Interfacing the relay.
    f. Interfacing the LCD display .
    g. interfacing sensors of Different types
    h. Making the mini project on your own.
  2. 8051 (AT89S52)
    a. Introduction to keil software
    b. Introduction to PROTEUS software
    c. Introduction Embed C
    d. interfacing LED
    e. Interfacing switches (tap ,button ,relay)
    f. interfacing the LCD display
    g. Interfacing motors (different motors)
    h. Designing the different application oriented mini projects.
    i. Timers programming.
  3. Communication protocols
    a. serial communication
    b. Rs232
    c. SPI protocal
    d. I2C protocol
    e. Blutooth
    f. Zigbee
    g. RFID communication


EMBEDDED Beginner Level is a 60 days course. Classes are typically held 2 hours a day/ 6 days a week.
We are providing a fast track course which completes within 45 days.Classes are typically held 2.5 hours a day/ 6 days a week.



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