Abstracts for Python Projects


S.No. Project TitleAction
1Multi-View Deep Learning Framework for Predicting Patient Expenditure in Healthcare
2Deep Learning-Based Object Detection and Recognition of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
3E-Agri Kit: Agricultural Aid using Deep Learning
4A Crop Pest Classification Model Using Deep Learning Techniques
5A New Deep Learning Model for Skin Cancer Classification
6An Integrated Machine Learning Framework for Effective Prediction of Cardiovascular DiseasesDownload
7A Spam Transformer Model for SMS Spam DetectionDownload
8Comparative Study of Machine Learning Algorithms for Portuguese Bank DataDownload
9Evaluation of Machine Learning Algorithms for the Detection of Fake Bank CurrencyDownload
10Movie Success Prediction Using Nau00efve Bayes, Logistic Regression and Support Vector MachineDownload
11Sentiment analysis of Amazon product reviews based on NLPDownload
12E-Mail Spam Classification via Machine Learning and NLPDownload
13Drug Recommendation System based on Sentiment Analysis of Drug Reviews using Machine LearningDownload
14Sentiment Analysis on Food Review using Machine Learning ApproachDownload
15Understanding Citizens’ Emotional Pulse in a Smart City Using Artificial IntelligenceDownload
16Location Based Twitter Emotion Classification for Disaster ManagementDownload
17KT-GAN: Knowledge-Transfer Generative Adversarial Network for Text-to-Image SynthesisDownload
18Anomaly Detection of Hyperspectral Image via Tensor CompletionDownload
19Advanced Meta-Heuristics, Convolutional Neural Networks, and Feature Selectors for Efficient COVID-19 X-Ray Chest Image ClassificationDownload
20Real-Time Object Detection for AUVs Using Self-Cascaded Convolutional Neural NetworksDownload
21Robust Skin Disease Classification by Distilling Deep Neural Network Ensemble for the Mobile Diagnosis of Herpes ZosterDownload
22Automatic detection of COVID-19 infection using chest X-ray images through transfer learningDownload
23Cervical Cancer Diagnosis Using Very Deep Networks Over Different Activation FunctionsDownload
24Recipe1M+: A Dataset for Learning Cross-Modal Embeddings for Cooking Recipes and Food ImagesDownload
25AI-based Chatbot with GPT-3Download
26SSLA Based Traffic Sign and Lane Detection for Autonomous carsDownload
27E-Commerce with Price Comparison, Price Alert and Fake ReviewDownload
28Online Digital Cheque Clearance and Verification System using BlockChainDownload
29A Secure Employee Health Management System Using Wearable TechnologyDownload
30An Implementation of Blockchain Technology in Forensic Evidence ManagementDownload
31A Joint Multi-Task CNN For Cross-Age Face RecognitionDownload
32A Machine Learning Approach for Tracking and Predicting Student Performance in Degree ProgramsDownload
33Accident DetectionDownload
34Agriculture Land ClassificationDownload
35An Expert System for Insulin Dosage PredictionDownload
36An overview of deep learning in medical imaging focusing on MRIDownload
37Brain Tumour Image Segmentation Using Deep NetworksDownload
38Computer Vision and Machine Learning for Viticulture TechnologyDownload
39Detection of Social Network Spam Based on improved extreme learning machineDownload
40FACE TO BMIDownload
41Fake Image IdentificationDownload
42Hand Gesture Recognition and Voice Conversion for Deaf and DumbDownload
43Illegal Fishing DetectionDownload
44Image Search Engine Using DLDownload
45Low light image enhancementDownload
46Movies Recommendation using CNN & ANNDownload
47Multilabel Image Classification using CNNDownload
48Research on Recognition Model of Crop Diseases and Insect Pests Based on Deep Learning in Harsh EnvironmentsDownload
49Neural-Network-Based Root Mean Delay Spread Model for Ubiquitous Indoor Internet-of-Things ScenariosDownload
50Online Digital HealthCare SystemDownload
51Prediction and Providing Medication for Thyroid Disease Using Machine Learning Technique (SVM)Download
52TEXT and IMAGE Plagiarism DetectionDownload
53Using Deep Learning to Predict Plant Growth and Yield in Greenhouse EnvironmentsDownload
54Vehicle Pattern Recognition using Machine & Deep Learning to Predict Car ModelDownload
55Tourist Place Reviews Sentiment Classification Using Machine Learning TechniquesDownload
56Crop Yield Prediction using RNN, Feedforward, and LSTM Neural NetworkDownload
57Understanding the Timing of Eruption End using a Machine Learning Approach to Classification of Seismic Time SeriesDownload
58Machine Learning Methods for Attack Detection in the Smart GridDownload
59Plagiarism Detection using KNNDownload
60Predicting Stock Market Trends Using Machine Learning and Deep Learning Algorithms Via Continuous and Binary Data a Comparative AnalysisDownload
61Quantifying Covid-19 Content In The Online Health Opinion War Using Machine LearningDownload
62Detection Of Cyber Attack In-Network Using Machine Learning TechniquesDownload
63Crime Data Analysis Using Machine Learning ModelsDownload
64Identification Of Covid-19 Spreaders Using Multiplex Networks ApproachDownload
65Music Prediction For Music Therapy Using Random ForestDownload
66The Influence Of Deep Learning Algorithms Factors In Software Fault PredictionDownload
67Machine Learning-Based Prediction Of No centrosymmetric Crystal MaterialsDownload
68Predicting Emerging Trends On Social Media By Modeling It As Temporal Bipartite NetworksDownload
69Identification Of Plants Leaf Diseases Using Machine Learning AlgorithmsDownload
70Prediction Of Hospital Admission Using Machine LearningDownload
71Duplicate Question Detection With Deep Learning In Stack OverflowDownload
72Spam Detection For Youtube CommentsDownload
73Hazard Identification And Detection Using Machine Learning ApproachDownload
74Analyzing And Estimating The IPL Winner Using Machine LearningDownload
75Machine Learning-Based Health Prediction System Using IBM Cloud As PassDownload
76Detection And Classification Of Fruit Diseases Using Image Processing &Cloud ComputingDownload
77Predicting And Defining B2b Sales Success With Machine LearningDownload
78Image Classification Of The Flower Species Identification Using Machine LearningDownload
79Performance Evaluation Of Machine Learning Algorithms For Disease PredictionDownload
80Coffee Fruit Recognition Using Artificial Vision And Neural NetworksDownload
81A Driving Decision Strategy(DDS) Based On Machine Learning For An Autonomous VehicleDownload
82High-Resolution Document Image Reconstruction From VideoDownload
83A Time-Series prediction model using long-short term memory networks for prediction of Covid – 19 dataDownload
84Deepage: Deep Learning Of Face-Based Age EstimationDownload
85A Model For Prediction Of Consumer Conduct Using Machine Learning AlgorithmDownload
86An Online Recommendation System Using Deep Learning For Textile ProductsDownload
87Healthy Leaves Detection Using Multi SVM ApproachDownload
88Predicting The Rice Leaf Diseases Using CNNDownload
89Facial Emotion Recognition Of Students Using Convolutional Neural NetworkDownload
90Image Classification Of Abnormal Red Blood Cells Using Decision Tree AlgorithmDownload
91A Malware Detection Method For Health Sensor Data Based On Machine LearningDownload
92Crude Oil Prices Forecast Based On EMD And BP Neural NetworkDownload
93A Machine Learning Modeling For Bitcoin Market Price Prediction Based On The Long Short Term Memory Recurrent Neural NetworkDownload
94Performance Analysis And Evaluation Of Machine Learning Algorithms In Rainfall PredictionDownload
95Grape Leaf Disease Identification Using Machine Learning TechniquesDownload
96Heart Disease Identification Method Using Machine Learning Classification In E-HealthcareDownload
97Prediction Of Hepatitis Disease Using Machine Learning TechniqueDownload
98Sensing Users’ Emotional Intelligence in Social NetworksDownload
99Red Wine Quality Prediction Using Machine Learning TechniquesDownload
100An Approach For Prediction Of Loan Approval Using Machine Learning AlgorithmDownload
101Clustering-Based Speech Emotion Recognition by Incorporating Learned Features and Deep BiLSTMDownload
102Bat: Deep Learning Methods On Network Intrusion Detection Using Nsl-Kdd DatasetDownload
103Blood Group Detection Using Deep LearningDownload
104Diagnosis Of Alzheimer Disease Using Machine Learning ApproachesDownload
105Analysis And Prediction Of Earthquake Impact-A Machine Learning ApproachDownload
106Missing Child Identification System Using Deep Learning And Multiclass SVMDownload
107A Machine Learning-Based Lightweight Intrusion Detection System For The Internet Of ThingsDownload
108A Novel Implementation Of Robust Ct Scan Based Brain Diagnosis Process Using CNN Gb TechniqueDownload
109Analysis Of Women Safety In Indian Cities Using Machine Learning On TweetsDownload
110Music And Movie Recommendation SystemDownload
111Effective Heart Disease Prediction Using Hybrid Machine Learning TechniquesDownload
112A honeypot with a machine learning-based detection framework for defending IOT based Botnet DDOS AttacksDownload
113Monitoring Covid-19 Social Distancing With Person Detection And Tracking Via Fine-Tuned Yolo V3 And Deep sort TechniquesDownload
114Face Mask DetectionDownload
115Detection Of Malicious Code Variants Based On Deep learningDownload
116Image Security Using Artificial Neural NetworksDownload
117Sliding Window Blockchain Architecture For Internet Of ThingsDownload
118Four Machine Learning Methods To Predict Academic Achievement Of College Students: A Comparison StudyDownload
119Comparison Of Machine Learning Methods For Breast Cancer DiagnosisDownload
120Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Random Forest &Cart AlgorithmDownload
121Network Intrusion Detection Using Supervised Machine Learning Technique With Feature SelectionDownload
122Personalized Affective Feedback to Address Students’ Frustration in ITSDownload
123Android Malware Detection Using Genetic Algorithm Based Optimized Feature Selection And Machine LearningDownload
124Classifying Fake News Articles Using NLP To Identify In-Article Attribution As A Supervised Learning EstimatorDownload
125Cognitive Agent System To Retrieve Relevant Code Components From A RepositoryDownload
126A Machine Learning Model For Average Fuel Consumption In Heavy VehiclesDownload
127Software Defect Estimation Using Machine Learning AlgorithmsDownload
128A Decision Tree Based Recommendation System For TouristsDownload
129Performance Analysis Of Machine Learning Techniques To Predict DiabetesDownload
130Stock Market Prediction Using KNNDownload
131Predict Influencers In The Social NetworkDownload
132Disease Drug Prediction Using MLDownload
133Chronic Kidney Disease Analysis Using Data Mining Classification TechniquesDownload
134Detection Of Fake Online Reviews Using Semi-Supervised And Supervised LearningDownload
135Spammer Detection And Fake User Identification On Social NetworksDownload
136Sentiment Analysis Using Telugu SentiwordnetDownload
137Cartooning Of An Image/VideoDownload
138Use Of Artificial Neural Networks To Identify Fake ProfilesDownload
139How Data-Driven Entrepreneur Analyzes Imperfect Information For Business Opportunity EvaluationDownload
140Data-Driven Design Of Fog Computing Aided Process Monitoring System For Large-Scale Industrial ProcessesDownload
141Object Tracking From VideoDownload
142Bird Species Identification Using Deep LearningDownload
143A Review On Diagnosis Of Nutrient Deficiency Symptoms In-Plant Leaf Image Using Digital Image ProcessingDownload
144Image Enhancement With The Application Of Local And Global Enhancement Methods For Dark ImagesDownload
146Software Defect Estimation Using Machine Learning AlgorithmsDownload
147A Hierarchical Attention Model For Social Contextual Image RecommendationDownload
148Ship Extraction using Post CNN from High-Resolution Optical Remotely Sensed ImagesDownload
1495G-Smart Diabetes: Toward Personalized Diabetes Diagnosis with Healthcare Big Data CloudsDownload
150Forecasting Crude Oil Prices: a Deep Learning based ModelDownload
151Hybrid Feature Selection Using Correlation Coefficient and Particle Swarm Optimization on Microarray Gene Expression DataDownload
152Network Intrusion Detection using Supervised Machine Learning Technique with Feature SelectionDownload
153Facial attendance using OpenCVDownload
154Heart Disease Prediction Using Bio-Inspired AlgorithmsDownload